Fret and Fretboard grime buster and conditioner



Fret Not Fingerboard and Fret cleaner Magic

I’d rather be shiny!

Our signature polish cloths contain micro abrasives that are tough on fret grime and rust while still being gentile on fretboards. No need to tape off your fretboard like a traditional fret polish. Fret Not cloths are infused with lemon and coconut oil to clean and condition the dirtiest of fretboards. 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Whether you are a touring musician or a front porch picker, Fret-Not polish cloths will have you up and playing in no time. Simply loosen the strings and rub the cloth along the frets and fretboard. You will instantly see the frets start to shine as tough grime and rust is removed. You will see your fretboard start to glow as well. Now just give it a good wipe with a clean rag and remove any leftover grime. You are now ready to get back to playing!

Before and After

Check out the fast transformation. This only took about a minute using the Fret-Not Polish cloth. Easy day.
Fret-not before


Fret-Not Polish Cloth Half


Fret-Not Polish Cloth Done


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